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The Pen Has Become A Gift

- Oct 20, 2017 -

According to the market research company survey, although most of the ordinary people have rarely used the pen, but the pen sales did not decline, but steadily rising.

Where does this increase come from?

The world's largest manufacturer of writing instruments to strengthen the Parker pen company, design of the pen, not only deepened the ink color to cater to Chinese writing habits, and designed a special "Fu" in the pen tip, we all know the word meaning, here is not much and some unique design makes the pen is not used as a writing tool, but also a good kind of accessories, the majority of business people love. From the pen market sales, this shows that "pen" has gradually become gift words, into the high-end gift industry.

Chinese love gifts, Fengnianguojie respected reciprocity, and now with the improvement of living standards, gifts has become a subject, to choose creative, quality gifts, "pen" had been used as a writing tool, a high-end business gifts now, believe it will play more and more influence in the China gift culture.

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